Why choose the services of
de SCC Chaib Inc ?


SCC Chaib Inc
takes care of everything:

  - Analyses your needs
  - Recommends products andi
    models best suited
  - Searches suppliers
  - Gives advice for the installation of     the products
  - Helps you to promote the products     on your markets (trade shows,     events…)


Thanks to its long experience, its deep knowledge of the market and its network,
S.C.C. Chaib Inc provides you with
an unparalleled expertise that can
recommend you the best products
to suit your needs of security systems.

SCC Chaib Inc also establishes
relations with the best North American
security system manufacturers
in order to give you durable, efficient
and flexible products.

SCC Chaib acts as the commercial
department to more than a dozen
of the best North American manufacturers.