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 - Control panel
 - Control panel intelligent analog
 - Smoke detectors
 - Heat detectors
 - Audible devices




Control panel



This fire alarm control panel is a multi-zone unit designed for maximum flexibility with ease of installation and operation.
Flexibility includes the possibility to configure each zone independently (noise level, length, intensity of the alarm…), and to control each zone separately from the others.



Control panel intelligent analog

This fire alarm control panel is a microprocessor-based unit designed for maximum flexibility and easy installation (one only cable joins every sensors).
Fully configurable from the front panel using the push buttons and DIP switches, it enables the user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements.
The main features include the possibility to choose the number of circuits, to configure and control each of them individually (silence/non silence mode, choice of the code,…).
Smoke detectors


  ionic          photoelectronic
  detector               detector 



The smoke sensors measure any changes in their environment (dirt, aging, temperature, humidity, etc.).
They can give an advanced indication to the fire control panel concerning the need for maintenance and can be specific as to where the maintenance is needed.
They can be mounted in a number of different bases.
Two different technologies are available: ionization smoke sensors and photoelectronic smokes sensor.
The ionization and photoelectronic smoke sensors can be mounted inside the duct housing for duct detection applications. The housing employs a sampling tube which extends across the duct and allows air to be drawn into the housing.



Heat detectors




Standard heat detectors provide reliable fire detection by responding to both rate of temperature increase (known as rate of rise) as well as a preset temperature level (fixed temperature).
· detects Rate of Ambient temperature rise of 8° Celsius (15° Farenheit).
· detectors operating on fixed temperature are available in two settings of 135°F (57°C) or 200°F (93°C).

  Manual fire alarm station


The fire alarm pull stations provide fire reporting and initiate an alarm when pulled.
They are constructed of durable aluminium and finished in red.
Full range of single or dual pull station, contact us for further information.

Audible devices


Motor driven bells are designed for today's fire alarm applications. Durable steel construction provides loud resonant tones necessary for fire alarm installations.
Low current requirements.
Two different sizes of model: 6 inch diameter and 10 inch diameter.
Weather resistant backbox.
Numerous options, contact us for further details.