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The nurse call system provides all of the most desirable ergonomic features and functions required by today's health care professional.
It is ideally suited for smaller hospitals, nursing homes, and long term care facilities.
It addresses the needs of both patient and nurses by combining ease of operation, accurate two-way voice communication, and a simple direct-select nurses master station.


The patient has access to wall stations, or "pillow speakers" which enable him to:
- speak to the nurses
- switch the TV on
- etc.



Corridor domes can provide
the visual information of call types
and of the presence of a nurse in the room.


The heart of the system is the central equipment (CE).
Each CE supports four masters and master expanders.
All master stations have the ability to select specific areas and/or rooms, set patient priority level and room status, or change and reassign any station within the system.
All user programming is a simple step by step procedure using the color-coded function keys.