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 - Perimeter intrusion detection system
 - Indoor intrusion detection systems



Perimeter intrusion detection system







· Correctional Institutions
· Military bases
· Police Agencies
· Utilities (gas and electrical)
· Hazardous Materials Sites
· Airports
· Storage Compounds
· Communication Towers
·VIP Residences
· etc.

The intrusion detection cable
· can be either temporary or permanent
· can be either burried or used for wall and roof applications
· can take access area into account
· adapts to any shape perimeter

Moereover, it is aesthetic, easy of installation (set up in less than 15 minutes), flexible of utilization.

The system guaranties a higher detection reliability with no false and nuisance alarms from birds and small animals and it is immune to electromagnetic interference, as weel as noise, vibrations and weather conditions.



  Indoor intrusion detection systems

The 4 to 32 zone control panel can be activated and deactivated from one or several keypads.

The transmission of the alarms can be made either through a digital dialer to the security central, or directly by means of a vocal dialer to up to 4 pre-programmed subscribers.



led keypad



- ease of use
- liquid crystal display (LCD) or LED screen.


motion detector



Motion detectors

- passive infrared (PIR)
- optimal lens coverage
- pet immunity system eliminate false alarms
- detector models available: digital, normal or double (recommended in case of presence of heating system in the same room)


glassbreak detector

Glassbreak detection

Analyses noises, detect glassbreaks and transmit the alarm to the control panel.
The double model only transmits a signal if it detects a shock and a Glassbreak noise.



Windows and door opening detector
Windows and door opening detectors control the magnetic contact and transmit an alarm to the control panel when doors or windows are opened.