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Videosurveillance through telephonic lines










This innovation provides a vast selection of video surveillance solutions to private and public organizations with a need to transmit, archive and use video information for supervision, security and multimedia communication purposes.
The video surveillance system is a complete set of high performance remote monitoring components used to transmit video from several camera sources located at remote sites to a central monitoring station
.The system integrates several technology innovations that result in substantial improvements in compressed video quality and in cost.

Video surveillance protects people, property and goods.It can be used indoor and outdoor, in order to protect personnel and clients, as well as to improve security and detect frauds in financial institutions and automatic tellers (ATM).
Monitor road conditions and vehicle traffic at strategic locations such as tunnels, bridges and busy intersections.

Remote video surveillance gives an overall view of business activities and is an excellent tool to:
· Remotely manage operations more efficiently.
· Increase operational productivity.
· Improve many areas of business activities: customer service, inventories, processes, warehouse and loading docks…

Video imaging compression allows multimedia markets to:
· Communicate information, instructions and orders more efficiently through video display systems
· Optimize electronic catalogue marketing and virtual auctions
· Provide interactive tourist information on the inforoute
· Observe children at play in daycare centres via the internet.



Traffic control



Our system allows to monitor road conditions and vehicle traffic at strategic locations (highways, tunnels, bridges…).
Data are transmitted to a control station through phone cables or optical fibre cables.
We also provide you with driver information on the traffic conditions.


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